Gett Webinar: Managing essential business travel in a post-Covid world.

July 16, 5pm BST.

Travel managers and transport buyers have been talking about ‘essential travel’ for years.
Now we need to re-examine and redefine what it actually means — one of the many
new challenges we face while reviving business responsibly during an ever-evolving global pandemic. 


We all feel nervous — both as organisations and individuals. And it speaks to far more than the concern for a travellers’ health and wellbeing. While fear of COVID-19 may be at the top of our minds, we’re also dealing with the uncertainty of an entire world that has shut down for several months — a first for our lifetimes. We’re anxious, and it’s understandable.


What we thought of as “essential travel” in 2019 may be seen as an unnecessary expense in 2020, and an unnecessary risk. 


With greater obligations and duty of care to protect our employees, and the health of the community at large, we’ll probably lean on our legal teams to ensure we stay compliant — with internal policy, and public law. Even when meeting these requirements, it’s increasingly difficult to tell our teams — the real people that drive our businesses — that they need to travel during this incredibly turbulent and frightening time. 


Join our upcoming webinar to learn how to use the Permissible Travel Framework, developed by FESTIVE ROAD – a business travel and meetings consultancy – to re-define your travel programme. Also hear Ann Dery Director, Global Travel & Meetings at S&P Global, discuss their plan of action to address these challenges and get back to the road.


  • Keren Fanan – Chief Commercial Officer, Gett
  • Katie Virtue – Consultant, Festive Road
  • Ann Dery – Director, Global Travel & Meetings, S&P Global
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Meet our speakers

Keren Fanan - Chief Commercial Officer, Gett

Keren is the Chief Commercial Officer of Gett, overseeing Gett’s global B2B activity across 1,000+ cities. Prior to this role, Keren led the Ventures department, which is a ‘startup incubator’ within Gett, responsible for rapidly scaling the next generation of Gett products from an idea to multi million dollar businesses.

Keren began her career in R&D as a Product Manager, and spent several years at AT&T as Technical Project Manager, liaising between technology departments and leading release lifecycles from kickoff to deployment.
After several years in tech, she made the transition from R&D to commercial, and quickly became addicted to the lightning-fast pace of growth. Throughout her career Keren was involved in strategic growth, marketing and operation positions.

Katie Virtue – Consultant, Festive Road

Katie is a builder and connector of ideas and is pretty relentless in her pursuit of excellence!  She is energized by moving organizations forward through lateral thinking, deeper engagement and inspired insights.

 Katie has shaped partnership strategies and served as a subject matter expert across various areas of indirect procurement and travel. She works with companies to evaluate their travel needs and optimize their travel program. She also collaborates with suppliers to make sure they achieve goals through the right approach to customer acquisition, strategy and events.

Since joining Festive Road Katie has delivered a number of strategy and sourcing projects across multiple categories and is a keen advocate for continual business process improvement.  Katie is a frequent speaker on many different business travel topics and is a founding member of the Business Travel Wellbeing Community bringing awareness and education while also advocating for treating business travelers as people first.

Ann Dery - Director, Global Travel & Meetings, S&P Global

Ann joined SPGI’s Global Procurement organization in 2017 to lead the newly formed categories of Global Travel and Meetings. In her 18 months at SPGI she has successfully launched several flagship enterprise-wide projects including the consolidation of 31 countries under a single designated TMC, launch of an enterprise-wide Data Management Solution, a governance structure around the Global T&E Policy and the company’s first Meetings Strategy framework and operating model.

Ann is an accomplished Global Travel Executive and “GBTA 2016 Masters Honors Travel Professional Award” recipient with demonstrated ability to create, transform and execute highly complex initiatives. A strategic visionary leader with solid experience managing Global Travel Procurement and Operations. She is based at S&P Global world headquarters in New York City.