Terms of Use

Terms of Use for the Self-Service Kiosk at Ben Gurion Airport ("Ben Gurion Airport")

Last updated: December 20, 2023

In instances where masculine terms are used, they encompass and refer to women/females as well.

1. The Kiosk and Its Use – The use of the self-service kiosk ("Self-Service Kiosk" or "Kiosk"), operated by GT Gettaxi Services Israel Ltd. ("Gett" or the "Company"), constitutes your initial registration as a Private Customer (as such term is defined below) ("Private Customer" or "User") who desires, for itself and/or for any one on her/his behalf, to enter the taxi queue located at Terminal 3 (Ground Floor, Gate #3) and at Terminal 1 (Ground Floor – Authorized Taxies Queue) ("Taxies Queue"), and it constitutes a condition for entry to the Taxi Queue. The use of the Kiosk is free of charge.

"Private Customer": A customer who requests to register for the Taxi Queue and enter it to receive taxi service via the Taxi Queue, not within the framework of a written agreement for regular taxi rides according to Regulation 510(b)(2) of the Traffic Regulations, 5721-1961.

Please note – the Taxi Queue is managed according to the order of arrival only, regardless of the time of registration at the Kiosk. If you are entitled to be exempted from queuing, and/or in any case you need assistance, please contact the usher located at the entrance to the Taxi Queue.

2. General User Terms of Use – Any User above the age of 18 and legally eligible is invited to use the Kiosk as long as she/he accepts these terms of use and the privacy policy, which constitutes an integral part thereof, available at: https://www.gett.com/il/legal/airport/kiosk/privacy-en/.

It is clarified that registering while impersonating or providing false details may expose you to criminal and/or civil liability and in these cases, you will be subject to the penalties set forth in the law.

It is clarified that failure to provide complete and accurate details may impair the provision of the service.

After filling out the information, you will receive a code that will allow you to enter the Taxi Queue. You are requested to approach the Taxi Queue and present the code to the driver. This code will be used by you both during the taxi ride and after it for the purpose of locating luggage if it was forgotten in the taxi, or for inquiries about the taxi ride, and we recommend that you keep it well.

By using the Kiosk, you hereby represent and warrant that you will use it for personal use only, for yourself and/or someone on your behalf, and you will refrain from any commercial use of the Kiosk, including charging for the service offered at the Kiosk or any other non-personal use that may harm the Company.

You are required to treat the on-site employees at Ben Gurion Airport (ushers, shift managers, dispatchers, etc.) as well as the taxi drivers who provide the transportation service through the Taxi Queue with respect, not to cause them and/or the taxis damage, and not to engage in illegal, threatening, or disturbing activity while waiting at the Kiosk and/or afterwards while waiting in the Taxi Queue.

Please note that Gett reserves the immediate right to block your access to the service at the Kiosk at its sole and exclusive discretion, and for any reason whatsoever, including in cases where you harm or attempt to harm the normal operation of the Kiosk or in the case where there is concern that you have violated these terms of use, without derogating from the remedies available to Gett under any law.

3. Payment to Taxi Drivers – You hereby represent and warrant that you are fully aware that, according to the law, the pricing for the taxi ride is determined solely by operation of the taxi meter at the beginning of the taxi ride, as per the running meter. Furthermore, you hereby represent and warrant that you are fully aware that the transportation fee belongs in full to the taxi driver, and that the Company will not be held responsible for any claim by you and/or anyone on your behalf in connection with damages, and/or expenses arising from and/or related to the drivers' acts and/or omissions, and without derogating from the generality of the aforementioned, in connection with alleged agreements with the taxi driver regarding the transportation fee.

As a Private Customer, payment to the taxi driver will be allowed only by Credit Card or cash. However, Gett may allow cash payment only in certain cases. You acknowledge that the invoice for the taxi ride will be provided at the end of the taxi ride via the taxi meter only, by the taxi driver and not by the Company, and we strongly encourage you to request it from the driver at the end of the taxi ride and keep it for future inquiries about the applicable taxi ride.

In these terms of use, the term "Credit Card" -shall be as defined under the Debit Cards Law, 5746-1986.

You hereby represent and warrant that you are fully aware that using a Credit Card without permission may expose you to criminal and/or civil liability and in these cases, You will be subject to the penalties provided by law.

4. Taxi Drivers and Their Responsibility to Users – The taxi drivers to whom you are referred to through the Kiosk are independent contractors, are not employed by Gett, and do not serve as its representatives or agents. Gett acts solely as an intermediary between the taxi drivers and the Users, and therefore Gett is not directly or indirectly liable for any transaction conducted between the relevant taxi driver and the User, or for the taxi service provided by the taxi driver. It is clarified that, among other things, the Company relies on the representations and warranties provided by the drivers to the Company, according to which they have the full permits and licenses required by law to provide the taxi ride service.

5. Limitation of Liability – The Company shall not have no liability whatsoever with respect to the taxi service provided by the independent taxi drivers and/or the ushers, shift manager, supervisor, dispatcher or any other party on behalf of the Company and/or on behalf of the Israeli Airport Authority representatives ("Ben Gurion Airport Representatives"), and/or for other services provided by Ben Gurion Airport Representatives or third parties in connection with the taxi service, including their content, accuracy, reliability, as well as for any direct or indirect damages, inconvenience, loss, or emotional distress caused to you, directly or indirectly, as a result of the taxi service or the use of information entered at the Kiosk. Gett shall not assume any liability for any illegal activity by Users and/or taxi drivers and/or any other party not under its full control.

6. Gett will make its best efforts to operate the Kiosk properly, without technical faults and without interruptions. However, since the operation of the Kiosk is dependent on third parties, the User will not have any demand or claim against Gett for any faults or interruptions in the Kiosk, including for any damage caused, directly or indirectly, as a result of such faults or interruptions. Gett will not bear any responsibility and/or liability for any disruption, error or omission in the material found in the Kiosk and will not be responsible for any direct and/or indirect damage caused due to access to the Kiosk and its use or due to any prevention of access or use thereof.

7. Users are obliged to follow and respect the instructions given by Ben Gurion Airport Representatives, refrain from causing them harm, and refrain from engaging in any unlawful, threatening, or harassing activity during registration for the queue via the Kiosk and/or the transportation services through the Taxi Queue from Ben Gurion Airport.

8. The User undertakes to indemnify and hold Gett harmless for any direct or indirect damage, expense, or loss, including legal fees and attorneys' fees, resulting from a breach of these terms of use or any other action contrary to the law in connection with the Kiosk and the registration service provided therein.

9. Jurisdiction and choice of law – The exclusive jurisdiction to discuss any dispute in connection with the use of the Kiosk and/or the Company and/or these terms of use is that of the competent court in the Tel Aviv-Jaffa district. The law applicable to any dispute on the aforementioned subject is Israeli law only.

10. Customer Care – For any inquiries and/or requests related to the use of the Kiosk, the service provided in it, and the terms of use including the privacy policy, you may contact us at: https://www.gett.com/il/airport-en/ or by phone *2299 from the same phone number used for your registration for the service. For any inquiries, requests, or complaints regarding the taxi service provided by the taxi driver, please contact the Ministry of Transportation online at: https://www.gov.il/he/service/complaint_about_conduct_in_public_transportation. To the extent that you request that a representative of the Company assist you with the aforementioned application, you can contact the Company in the ways listed above.