Gazprom-Media Saved 15% of Total Ground Travel Costs

Through partnering with Gett Business Solutions, Gazprom-Media was able to increase visibility and substantially reduce costs relating to ride pricing, as well as time spent on bookings and processing expenses

Meet Gazprom-Media

Location: Russia

Industry: Media & Entertainment

Gazprom-Media was founded in 2000, as a Gazprom subsidiary, and is now Russia’s largest media holding company, with over 2,000 employees. The company produces, distributes, and promotes entertainment and information across seven broadcast TV channels, ten radio brands, four publications, 33 websites and several production studios.

The Goals

Gazprom-Media wanted to gain greater visibility around ground travel spend, with an automated ride management solution that would enable the company to transition from fixed-rates to variable rates, based on ride duration and distance.

The Challenges

The company was paying a fixed price for every ride, each of which was booked by phone – an inefficient use of the booker’s time. In addition, the visibility around spend was poor and managers could only get a picture of travel costs at the end of the month, once invoices had been collected and processed. They needed a solution that would increase transparency, decrease the price per ride, and make bookings frictionless.

The Solution

Visibility, in real time, was crucial to Gazprom-Media. Using Gett, the company no longer had to wait until the end of the month to view travel spend, but could make informed, cost-effective decisions, based on up-to-the-minute insights. Gazprom-Media was able to identify and eliminate hidden and indirect costs and switch to vetted suppliers offering more attractive, variable rates.

Gett’s technology has made riding, booking, expensing, and real-time analysis of the company’s ground travel instant and effortless. The app and web portal enables employees to manage their own travel without having to wait for managers to process the request. They can pre-book, or order a ride on demand, as well as view and manage booked rides, at a click.

“We used to have a fleet with fixed tariffs. Seeing the development of the ride-hailing industry, we decided to outsource this part of the business to a proven high-quality aggregator and eventually managed to save 15% of our total ground transportation expense since we started using Gett.”

Borisov Vladimir, Business Manager

The Results

  • A 15% reduction in total ground transport costs through simplified expensing, faster bookings and better pricing
  • Hundreds of work hours saved per year by replacing phone orders with digital bookings
  • A decrease in hidden and indirect costs resulting from real-time reporting providing instant travel spend visibility
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