Israir Improves Operational Efficiency, Cutting Costs by 20%

Implementing Gett’s corporate ground travel solution enabled Israir to gain transparency and identify unmanaged spend, improve time efficiency and reduce costs significantly

Meet Israir

Location: Israel

Industry: Tourism & Travel

Israir Airlines is a large-scale Israeli provider of aviation and tourism services, established in 1996. Headquartered in Tel Aviv, the airline operates domestic scheduled and air taxi flights in addition to international chartered flights to a wide range of destinations across Europe and Asia.

The Goals

In selecting a provider for the company’s transportation needs, Israir’s main goals were:

  • Safety – Ensure the security of flight crew and ground staff with a vetted travel solution
  • Transparency and Accuracy – Enable crew members and the control center to know precisely where each taxi is and when the flight crew is expected to arrive at the airport
  • Operational Efficiency – Provide rapid, cost-effective and reliable ground transportation.

“With Gett Business Solutions, we always know where the taxi is, when it will arrive with a crew member - and when it will reach the airport. We also know when the crew member starts his or her rest time.”

Oshrat Morad, Operations & Control Center Manager

The Challenges

Israir manages numerous flight crews and relies on carefully determined, precise scheduling, to ensure there is no delay getting crews from their homes to the airport, and back again. The challenge for Israir was to ensure that activity time for flight crews, which is legally measured to the minute, did not exceed shift limitations, so travel had to be as efficient as possible. Additionally, a late flight crew could mean delays for hundreds of customers, waiting to take off.

Israir needed a flexible, accurate service that could be adapted to meet its unique needs. It looked for a provider with a comprehensive technology solution that supports real time tracking, since the airline needs to know where flight crews are and how far they are from their destination at all times. This information is critical to the decision-making process to help solve problems in real time.

“In the world of aviation, from the moment a crew member leaves the house, his or her activity time is clocked – for legal reasons - to ensure the safety of the flight. Every minute is calculated. We needed a partner who knew how to provide a solution for this.”

Oshrat Morad, Operations & Control Center Manager

The airline also needed to be able to pre-plan and manage travel well in advance, since one of the reasons that an airplane successfully takes off on time is the punctual arrival of the flight crew.

Finally, Israir needed a scalable solution that could keep pace with the company’s rapid rate of growth.

The Solution

The Gett business ground travel solution allows for taxi tracking in real time to support the advanced planning that is critical for informed decision making and punctual flights. The airline knows where flight crews are at all times and the use of fully vetted, licensed drivers, protects crews coming on and off shifts at all hours of the day and night.

Gett’s user-friendly booking system enables pre-booking as well as on-demand service, providing the flexibility required by a large scale aviation services provider.

A smart algorithm builds the fastest routes between locations taking into account real time traffic updates and unites booking data for different employees with close destinations for optimized travel. This reduces wait times and journey length as well as enabling the airline to minimize activity time spent in transit. This, along with the elimination of the need for passenger expensing, has not only helped Israir improve efficiency and reduce costs in real time, but has given end users a better quality, more efficient service.

“Israir grew very quickly. If we hadn’t switched to Gett, it’s not clear that we would have successfully maintained our rate of growth. I don’t think we would have been able to get this type of advanced solution from any other provider.”

Eli Agami, Operational Development & Safety Manager

In addition, the Gett system’s in-depth reporting tools offer essential, up-to-the-minute data, and total transparency. By providing a 360° view of business travel, Gett has enabled the airline to drill down on costs, always knowing precisely where, when and how much the company is spending on ground transportation.

Gett’s easy-to-use interface allows for rapid and simple onboarding of new employees, with local hands-on assistance, provided by a dedicated support team, at every stage. This has allowed Israir to grow its operation, seamlessly implementing and enforcing company-wide travel policies that reduce unmanaged spend.

The Results

Israir improved the efficiency of its ground transportation, using the Gett platform to streamline procedures as well as identify and eliminate hidden expenses. The airline was able to lower costs by 20 percent using Gett’s ride optimization system. It allowed them to tailor travel policies, reduce expenditure with shared trips, cut bureaucracy and travel management hours with a single monthly invoice, and significantly reduce passenger wait times.

“The bottom line is that by using Gett, we were able to cut costs by about 20 percent. That’s significant when we’re talking about the cost and volume of our activities.”

Eli Agami, Operational Development & Safety Manager

  • User-friendly reporting and streamlined processes have reduced bureaucracy and highlighted unmanaged spend resulting in a 20% reduction in costs
  • The use of fully vetted, insured partners has enhanced security for crew travelling at all hours
  • Vehicle tracking and consolidated travel management have provided critical knowledge of where staff are at all times, and awareness of how long they have been actively on shift, for increased time-efficiency and improved flight punctuality
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