Sheraton Tel Aviv Saves 25% on Employee Transportation

Through partnering with Gett Business Solutions, Sheraton Tel Aviv has been able to provide more secure, reliable rides, to and from the hotel, for hundreds of employees working shifts around the clock, all while cutting travel costs by 25%

Meet Sheraton Tel Aviv

Location: Israel

Industry: Hospitality

Part of the Marriott chain, Sheraton Tel Aviv is one of Israel’s most popular hotels, which for over 40 years, has provided exceptional, 24/7 service to guests from all over the world.

The Goals

Sheraton Tel Aviv needed a solution which provided quick and reliable, round-the-clock services that could scale efficiently and cost effectively, while ensuring employee safety.

The Challenges

Sheraton Tel Aviv provides 24/7 service, with employees working in shift patterns, who are required to travel, even when public transportation isn’t available. With hundreds of employees, travelling at all hours, Sheraton Tel Aviv needed to better monitor travel activity and manage their costs.

The Solution

With an intuitive web interface for bookers, and a world-class ordering app for travellers, Gett’s ground travel solution was quickly adopted across the business ensuring Sheraton Tel Aviv could more easily order any type of vehicle, pre-booked or on-demand. In addition, Gett worked closely with the client to provide support and training to employees.

As a result, the client was able to optimise their costs through smart invoicing, complete price transparency, and visibility of all ride data in one platform.

“We are being measured on two parameters: time and cost. We get the best of both from Gett.”

Head of Security, Sheraton Tel Aviv

Prior to partnering with Gett, Sheraton Tel Aviv had no means of analysing ground travel data and no transparency. Independently made bookings could not be managed centrally, and contributed to mounting expenses, which were hard to track.

Now that the hotel is equipped with an integrated technology solution that is only partnered with vetted and licensed taxi drivers, Sheraton Tel Aviv can relax knowing their employees will arrive safely at work for their shift each day.

“I feel like I’m getting a VIP service from our account manager. We analyse our data each month together, and if there are any problems or delays, we get quick answers and solutions. We can see that there is always a pursuit for improvement, becoming more efficient and preventing future issues.”

Head of Security, Sheraton Tel Aviv

The Results

  • Reduction of transportation expenses by 25%
  • Increased travel security with 100% vetted, licensed drivers
  • Consolidation of transport management, for enhanced efficiency and fewer overheads
  • Improved transparency through access to comprehensive, real-time reports
  • Route optimization and reduced wait times to save time and money

“Working with Gett and their optimization solution saved us 25% of our transportation expenses. With their technology, we are actually saving twice: the booker can work from home and it takes them less time to manage travel. In addition, everything is designed to save us money.”

Head of Security, Sheraton Tel Aviv

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