Yeinot Bitan Reduces Travel Costs by 28%

Yeinot Bitan partnered with Gett Business Solutions to reduce costs resulting from being unable to track spend, maintaining superfluous travel contracts, and following complex expense reporting procedures

Meet Yeinot Bitan

Location: Israel

Industry: Retail

Founded in 2004, Yeinot Bitan is an Israeli, family-owned, supermarket chain that has established itself as a retail giant, with over 250 branches across the country, and approximately 8,000 employees.

The Goals

Yeinot Bitan aimed to simplify its expense reporting and invoicing procedures, while cutting costs associated with ground travel. It wished to easily onboard staff to a user-friendly solution that would enable the company to manage its travel needs more closely and cost-efficiently.

The Challenges

Yeinot Bitan used multiple ground travel fleets across the country. It had limited insight into its monthly travel costs, per branch, and was unable to track expenses, so the company’s main priority was to solve issues of visibility, and uncontrolled spend. In addition, much of the Yeinot Bitan workforce is not technologically inclined, so the company needed a user-friendly solution that would enable employees to book rides, on-demand, with ease.

“Gett’s user-friendly solution has made it easy to on-board our staff across the country, quickly and painlessly. Their team is also there at every step, to give a hand to those employees who need extra help navigating the platform.”

Yoni Gruber, Transportation and Online Manager

The Solution

Setting up with Gett was smooth and simple. In addition to sending emails detailing how to use the call center and book a ride, Gett supported Yeinot Bitan staff members by delivering daily tutorials via zoom, throughout the onboarding period.

Gett Business Solutions has enabled Yeinot Bitan to manage travel for all its branches, across the country, using a single platform. With consolidated payment procedures, employees no longer need to spend time submitting expenses and invoicing has been simplified. Also, easy to use reporting tools enable managers to analyse monthly expenditure, and offer full visibility at a granular level so Yeinot Bitan can trim the fat and allocate resources more effectively.

“We now know exactly what is happening across the company at all times. All the information is displayed in one place, so it’s easy to get a picture of expenditure at the branch level, at a glance, and this has led to significant savings in every area.”

Yoni Gruber, Transportation and Online Manager

Yeinot Bitan branches are spread throughout the country and there are areas with low transport availability, so Gett also works with drivers in peripheral areas, to ensure demand is met promptly, at competitive prices.

The Results

  • Consolidated expense reporting for each branch, resulting in improved transparency and savings of 15 work hours, per month
  • A decrease in turnover, as the entry of employee data enables the allocation of staff to the right branches, cutting commute time and increasing motivation
  • The identification of cost-inefficient transport contracts, saving the company 100,000 NIS per month
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