1.1 These Terms govern the taxi booking services made available by Gett to Hospitality Businesses and their associated Bookers, enabling Bookers to book Taxis for Guests who require ground transportation services.

1.2 By clicking/tapping the acceptance prompt in the Booking Platform and/or using the Guest Booking Services, you indicate that you agree to these Terms (as they may be updated from time to time in accordance with clause 11.1 below). If you do not agree to these Terms, you must not use the Guest Booking Services.


2.1 The Booking Platform and the Guest Booking Services are operated by GT Gettaxi (UK) Limited, a company incorporated and registered in England and Wales with company number 07603404, with its registered office at Elm Yard, 13-16 Elm Street, London, WC1X 0BJ, United Kingdom.


3.1 If you need to contact us for any reason, you can do so by sending an e-mail to or through the contact function in the Booking Platform.


In these Terms, the following capitalised terms have the meanings given to them below:

4.1 Booker means a concierge or other member of staff duly authorised by the Hospitality Business to make Bookings for Guests under these Terms.

4.2 Booking means a booking for Transportation Services for the benefit of a Guest, made by a Booker through the Booking Platform.

4.3 Booking Platform means the Gett mobile application and/or web portal made available to Bookers under these Terms.

4.4 General User Terms means the General Terms of Service for Users of the Gett Platform, as updated from time to time, available at

4.5 Gett, us, we means GT Gettaxi (UK) Limited, further details of which are specified above.

4.6 Guest means the end passenger(s) for whom the Transportation Services are requested, who may be a customer, client, guest or otherwise of the Hospitality Business; and includes any person travelling with the Guest.

4.7 Guest Booking Services means the taxi booking services, including access to and use of the Booking Platform, made available by Gett to you, enabling Bookers to book Taxis for Guests who require ground transportation services

4.8 Hospitality Business means the business or other organisation which wishes to offer the benefit of the Guest Booking Services to its Guests in accordance with these Terms.

4.9 Taxi means a hackney carriage licensed by the relevant local licensing authority (and in London sometimes referred to as a ‘black cab’ or ‘black taxi’).

4.10 Transportation Services means the transportation service provided by the Taxi driver to the Guest in connection with a Booking.

4.11 Terms means these terms and conditions governing the use of the Guest Booking Services by Hospitality Businesses and their Bookers.

4.12 You, your means, collectively, the Hospitality Business and its associated Booker(s) (or either of them, as applicable).


5.1 A Guest is solely responsible for paying the Taxi driver for the Transportation Services as if they had hailed the Taxi on the street (that is, in cash or by payment card directly to the Taxi driver at the end of the journey). Bookers must use their best efforts for each Booking to:

(a) ensure that the Guest is aware that (i) they are solely responsible for making payment to the Taxi driver, and (ii) they use the Taxi entirely at their own risk, in the same way as a Taxi hailed on the street; and

(b) ensure that the Taxi driver is aware that the Booking is a cash booking and that payment will not be made via the Gett Platform; and that it is the Taxi driver’s responsibility to ensure that they take the correct and full payment from the Guest at the end of the journey.


6.1 Gett may offer rewards, bonuses, loyalty schemes and other promotions (always in non-cash form, for example online shopping vouchers or coupons) to Bookers from time to time in order to incentivise use of the Guest Booking Services (collectively, Rewards). By accepting these Terms, the Hospitality Business acknowledges and consents to such Rewards being offered to Bookers. All Rewards are (i) offered at our sole discretion and revocable by us at any time; (ii) subject to availability and any terms and conditions notified to the Booker in conjunction with the Reward.


7.1 Your account. In order to make Bookings, each Booker must register for an individual account to access the Booking Platform. You confirm that all the account information you provide to us is valid, lawful and accurate at the time it is provided. You are responsible for keeping your account and login information secure. You must not create more than one account or allow anyone else to use your account, and you should notify us immediately if you think your account or login information may have been compromised. We cannot be held responsible for any fraudulent or unauthorised use under your account.

7.2 Technical requirements. In order to use the Guest Booking Services, Bookers require a suitable mobile or web-enabled device (not provided by Gett) which meets the minimum technical requirements required for use of the Booking Platform.


8.1 The Guest Booking Services made available under these Terms are separate and independent from any other services offered by Gett from time to time. These Terms do not replace, supplement or affect any other terms or agreements that may be in place between Gett and the Hospitality Business relating to other services offered by Gett from time to time.


9.1 By using the Guest Booking Services, you consent to Gett processing your personal information in connection with the services in accordance with data protection laws and our Privacy Policy available at Please refer to the Privacy Policy for detailed information on how we process, manage and safeguard your data.


10.1 Gett expressly disclaims and excludes any liability for claims, damages, losses, costs and expenses incurred or brought against you in connection with the Guest Booking Services, with the exception of (i) foreseeable loss and damage caused by us breaching our legal obligations to a Booker in relation to the Guest Booking Services; and (ii) any other form of liability to the extent the same cannot be excluded or limited by law.

10.2 The Hospitality Business agrees to indemnify, defend and hold Gett harmless from any claims made against Gett by third parties (including Guests) in relation to actual or alleged loss or damage resulting from the Transportation Services.


11.1 Changes to these Terms. We may make changes to these Terms at any time, at our sole discretion. We will notify you of any changes by way of a notification when you next use the Booking Platform and/or by e-mail. If you do not accept any changes notified to you, you may lose access to certain services and we may be required to close your Account, but we will notify if that is the case.

11.2 Other provisions incorporated. The following provisions of the General Terms apply to your use of the Guest Booking Services (with references to the ‘Services’ and ‘Gett Platform’ therein meaning the Guest Booking Services and Booking Platform respectively):

(a) Clause 14: Intellectual property and cybersecurity.

(b) Clause 21: Termination of the contract between us.

(c) Clause 22: Confidentiality.

(d) Clause 23: General provisions.