Cancellation Policy

  • You may cancel your order without charge within 2 minutes, from the time the driver is assigned and is on the way;
  • After 2 mins grace time, cancellations made after the Driver has started his journey to Collection Location, has already arrived or if the customer fails to cancel and does not show up for the ride (no-show), will incur a cancellation fee of £5;
  • For future bookings:
    • cancellations made within 10 minutes of the scheduled pick-up time will incur a cancellation fee of £5.
    • cancellations made less than 10 minutes prior to the scheduled pick-up time or where the Driver has arrived at the Collection Location and the Customer does not show will incur a cancellation fee of £5.
  • Please note: if your driver is running more than 5 minutes behind the provided estimated time of arrival (or for future bookings, 5 minutes behind the scheduled pick-up time), and an attempt to cancel is then made you will not be charged a cancellation fee.