Terms and Conditions for Gett’s Driver Referral Program

In addition to Gett’s Promotional Terms and Conditions incorporated by reference and found here, the below terms and conditions will apply to the Driver Referral Program.

If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, please do not participate in this promotion.


Completed Rides means where a Gett passenger has successfully ordered a ride via the App and is dropped off at the destination submitted through the App. Cancelled or unfinished rides will not be considered a completed ride.

Inactive Account means a Gett driver account where the driver has not completed a ride in the six months prior to the referral or has been frozen (i.e. blocked). 

New Driver means a driver who has never been registered with Gett and never used the Gett app.

Reactivation means an Inactive Account is reactivated by Gett via the Referral Form.

Referral means a driver of a licensed taxi who has been referred by an existing Gett driver.

Referral Form the form sent via the Referring Driver to the Referral to be completed by the Referral and submitted to Gett.

Referring Driver means a driver registered with Gett who is referring Gett to another driver.

Referral Rewards means the awards granted at Gett’s sole discretion to the Referral and Referring Driver who meet the criteria under this Driver Referral Program.

Registration means the completion of all the steps of the registration process (filling out the form, submitting required documents, receiving the approval message from Gett and logging into the app). Once [you have received Gett’s confirmation message OR you have logged into the Gett App], the Referral is eligible to obtain Completed Rides.

1. To be eligible for the Gett Driver’s Referral Program, the Referring Driver must have an active Gett Driver’s account. 

2. The Referring Driver must refer a contact (the Referral) that meets the following criteria:

a. The Referral must either be a New Driver or must have an Inactive Account.

b. The Referral have not made any rides for at least 6 months before entering the Referral Program.

3. To add the Referral to the Gett Driver’s Referral Program, the Referring Driver must send the link with the Referral Form to the Referral. The Referral must fill out the Referral Form with their personal details required to enter the Referral Program and submit this Referral Form to Gett. 

4. A member of the Driver Team will aim to contact the Referral within the two business days after receiving the Referral Form, inviting the Referral to go through the Registration process (if the Referral is a New Driver) or through the reactivation process (if the Referral is an Inactive Account). Once the registration or account reactivation process is completed, the Referral will be notified by the Driver Team via email and/or text message. After that, the Referral may start accepting rides and any such rides will be eligible for the Gett Driver’s Referral Program rewards explained below. 

5. Gett will aim to notify the Referring Driver the Referral has successfully completed the Registration or Reactivated their account with Gett within two business days. 

Referral Rewards

6. If the Referral successfully achieves a minimum of 8 Completed Rides within the first 7 days from Registration or Reactivation (as applicable), the Referral and the Referring Driver will receive £50 each. 

7. If the Referral successfully achieves a minimum of 40 Completed Rides within 30 days from Registration or Reactivation (as applicable), the Referral and the Referring Driver will receive £150 each. 

8. Where Gett has determined that a Referral has met the qualifying criteria above, Gett will endeavour to make payment of the relevant Referral Reward to the Referral and Referring Driver within two business days.


9. Any suspected fraudulent behaviour will result in immediate disqualification from the Promotion. The decision to disqualify by Gett shall be final and binding and no correspondence will be entered into about it. Gett reserves the right to report any fraudulent activities to relevant law enforcement authorities.

10. A Referral that does not submit the Referral Form to Gett or otherwise comply with the above terms, will not qualify for the Referral Rewards.