Pay with Gett | Guidelines for use

For drivers 

It’s important that you use Pay with Gett in the correct way to make sure the passenger gets a great experience and keeps coming back to Gett!


Please read the following guidelines for use carefully:

  • Passenger must be new to Gett
  • Passenger must already be onboard
  • The journey must have a minimum fare of £3 & you must charge the passenger as you usually would
  • The payment must be with card
  • Use for the payment of one journey only
  • Invite one passenger per journey at a time (ie. if two passengers are sharing a cab only one can download the app to make the payment)
  • The job must have a destination
  • Complete the process during the job and not at the end  
  • Don’t press ‘End Ride’ until you have reached the destination


By using Pay with Gett you are agreeing to comply with the above guidelines. A driver found to be in breach of  these guidelines may be removed from the system.  


Gett’s usual terms and conditions apply. You can read them here.