How one organisation transformed their travel experience

We’ve always been sure that our platform has big benefits for companies, but we wanted to prove it. So we commissioned an independent research firm to investigate.

Our client, a UK government institution, has 1,200 employees and takes around 2,000 rides per year. Prior to using Gett, it was struggling to understand why and where staff were travelling and how much they were spending.

Find out how, after adopting Gett, our client:

  • Achieved 29% cost savings
  • Saved almost 1,000 hours over 3 years
  • Gained valuable insight into carbon footprint
  • Provided an improved travel booking experience

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“Gett helps the organization keep track of how many miles employees have traveled, including details on associated carbon emissions based on the ride type.”


Time savings on processing ground travel expense claims


Total savings from improved compliance with travel policies


Total cost savings on rides

“Migrating to Gett’s platform… made the expense management process more streamlined for employees. They no longer had to spend time and effort on submitting expense claims.”