Ride safe, Clean & Green

It’s crucial we take action to reduce the impact of pollution in the cities we love. Gett’s mission is to improve the quality of the air we breathe, in the safest, cleanest rides, with the highest levels of service and convenience.

You can help us too, with every ride you take – choose your ride

All Gett UK rides are carbon neutral – we offset every gram of CO2 emitted via our partnership with EcoAct

Select Gett Electric to reduce emissions for your ride – electric black cabs, every time

Choose Gett Green to add 20p to your ride to fund green projects via our partnership with Trees for Cities

Providing the highest quality service

As well as reducing Emissions, we’re also dedicated to providing the highest quality service, in the safest, cleanest and most efficient ride driven by fully licensed and highly knowledgeable drivers

Clean & Safe

We ensure all initiatives are taken to ensure a safer ride; this includes cleaning of cabs between rides, and face coverings for drivers and passengers) We also provide complete transparency on all ride details, including routes, driver details and more

Pre-Book up to 4 weeks in advance

Enjoy piece of mind by ensuring your journey is travel is taken care of, rather than stress that the on demand services are experiencing delays

3 minutes faster than the competition

Yeah, we know, it sounds like we’re bragging – but when you’re the fastest*, you’ve got to celebrate! They can even drive in all the new bus lane to get you there faster – result!

*Loudhouse, April 2017