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Simple, smart, at your fingertips

Your favorite ride, on-demand

Hail a cab instantly and choose the type of black taxi that suits you

Choose your pickup spot and let your experienced, fully licensed driver come to you

Stay in control and track every ride, with help from live support 24/7

Pay for each trip through the app, automatically

Make a difference with every ride, through our Gett Greener projects

Environmentally friendly

We’re on a mission — to reduce the impact of pollution in the cities we love. You can help us take action to improve the quality of the air we breathe with every ride you take, so we can reduce emissions together.

Carbon neutral

All Gett UK rides are carbon neutral – we offset every gram of CO2 emitted via our partnership with EcoAct.

Cleaning our air

Make a difference when you hail a cab — Gett makes a donation of 2p for every ride you take in the UK to Trees for Cities, a registered charity (charity number 1032154), and helps fund the planting of trees in London.

Electric Taxis

In London, you can now specifically order an electric black cab – offering greener rides to Getters on the go. Just choose Gett Electric.

Driven by quality

  • All Gett drivers are fully licensed, with an average rating of 4.8/5 stars from our riders
  • Our drivers are trained in the London Knowledge, which requires 2 years minimum of experience
  • Black cabs often mean quicker drop-off and pick up thanks to our ability to use bus lanes

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