13 things people say in meetings and what they really mean

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Female looking at Post-it notes stuck to a window

What they say: Will you drive if I do the voiceover?

What they mean: I’m lumbering you with the temperamental tech. Come on, I can’t panic and talk!

What they say: We need to involve the key stakeholders.

What they mean: Let’s make this someone else’s problem.

What they say: You need to think outside the box.

What they mean: I might be using a cliché here, but please avoid all clichés.

What they say: Let’s circle back on this.

What they mean: Let’s end this conversation immediately.

What they say: Perhaps you could clarify your position?

What they mean: I am so confused. Please help me.

What they say: Is it Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely?

What they mean: I’m trying to sound efficient. Is it working?

What they say: We need to sweat the assets.

What they mean: We need to use everything we’ve created. Everywhere.

What they say: Let’s ideate with a thought shower.

What they mean: 100 bonus points for me in Buzzword Bingo!

Two works sitting around a table and exhausted from working hard

What they say: I think we should take this offline.

What they mean: I’ve got some great gossip – but I can’t tell you in front of this lot.

What they say: It’s driving a bus through their ecosystem.

What they mean: I’ve no idea what it means, but I’m hoping I sound impressive!

What they say: Are we singing from the same hymn sheet here?

What they mean: Have you actually grasped what we’re doing? Oh God, oh God, oh God.

What they say: It’s all about the journey.

What they mean: Yes, I sound like an X Factor contestant, but I’m feeling weirdly emotional right now.

What they say: Any other business?

What they mean: Please no one say anything – we’ve been in here for hours already!

Joking aside, we’re all about efficiency. And we’re not taking you for a ride – we believe in doing things better, so you can get there smarter. Find out more about Gett Business Solutions, our corporate ground transport platform.

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