Reducing emissions – together

It’s crucial we take action to reduce the impact of pollution in the cities we love. Gett’s mission is to improve the quality of the air we breathe. You can help us too, with every ride you take.

How we’re reducing emissions

All Gett UK rides are carbon neutral – we offset every gram of CO2 emitted via our partnership with EcoAct

Select Gett Electric to reduce emissions for your ride – electric black cabs, every time

Choose Gett to fund green projects via our partnership with Trees for Cities, a registered charity (number 1032154),   – we donate 2p for every ride taken in the UK – at no extra cost to customers!

Planting trees with every ride

Trees for Cities

At Gett, we seek to supportair quality improvement and other projects across London. In March 2021, we announced our latest partnership with Trees for Cities, an environmental charity that aims to improve lives by planting trees in urban areas.  

According to Trees for Cities, urban vegetation helps remove dangerous air pollution, including carbon dioxide, dust and other gaseous toxins. Trees for Cities have planted over 1 million trees so far, and worked with several schools to address poor air quality. For more information, visit their website.

Together, we can do even more to reduce the amount of airborne pollution in the cities we live and love, and create a brighter future for all.

Gett will donate 2p to Trees for Cities Ltd, a registered charity (charity number 1032154), for each customer who books and completes a ride using the Gett app or platform, with Trees for Cities  agreeing to use all donation amounts to fund London-based projects within its remit.

Carbon offsetting

Since September 2018, we’ve been working in partnership with EcoAct, who offset the annual carbon emitted from all our rides across the UK into three accredited and recognised projects. As reported by EcoAct, their carbon offset projects are all aligned to specific Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and aim to bring a more sustainable future to both communities and the environment.

EcoAct is an international sustainability company and project developer, dedicated to delivering sustainable solutions to help businesses to succeed in their climate ambitions.

Hydropower Plants in Chile

The Atacama Hydro project aims to develop small hydropower plants in Chile, helping the country exploit its excellent resources to generate renewable electricity and reduce its reliance on fossil fuels. It also increases employment opportunities in rural areas where the plants are located.

Protecting Rainforests in Brazil

Brazil’s Labréa REDD+ initiative is nestled in the municipality with the fourth highest rate of deforestation. The project seeks to protect the local Amazonian rainforest through stringent forest monitoring, which will prevent over 500,000 tonnes of emissions per year for the next 30 years.

Wildlife Conservation in Tennessee

Located on 4,300 acres of natural forest in northeast Tennessee, the Cherokee Forest project provides a sustainable and protected habitat for 40 rare, threatened and endangered plant and animal species. It also plays a vital role in protecting freshwater systems, and stimulates tourism in an economically at-risk region.

Gett will purchase carbon credits from EcoAct equal to the emissions produced by all Gett UK rides. Payment shall be made in yearly installments for the duration of the partnership, with EcoAct agreeing to use the full amount to fund the three chosen carbon offsetting projects; Atacama Hydro Project, Labréa REDD+, and the Cherokee Forest Project, within its remit.