Gett’s rider donations help plant 14,000 trees, as partnership with Trees for Cities reaches one-year milestone 

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Members of the community plant trees at Ashton Playing Fields, funded by Gett rider donations

  • Gett, the provider of a leading ground transport management platform for corporate travel, accelerates its commitment to sustainability.  
  • Funds raised through one year’s worth of B2C customers’ optional in-app donations have enabled approximately 14,000 trees to be planted in the UK. 
  • Gett already offsets CO2 emissions for all rides booked on the Gett platform in the UK.

LONDON, United Kingdom, May 30, 2022 – Gett, the provider of a leading ground transportation management (GTM) platform for corporate travel known as the ‘Gett platform’, celebrates just over 1 year of partnership with UK-based charity, Trees for Cities.  In that first year, B2C customers’ in-app donations have enabled Trees for Cities to plant approximately 14,000 new trees in urban locations in the UK.  

Gett – which was already offsetting CO2 emissions for every ride booked on the Gett platform in the UK by purchasing carbon credits via its partnership with EcoAct* – went a step further in its green agenda early last year, announcing a partnership with Trees for Cities, a charity that helps create cleaner urban centres.   

The partnership saw Gett set up a feature in its app that gives some customers in the UK the option to add a £1.99 donation to their journeys when booking their ride. All proceeds from B2C customers’ donations are then donated to Trees for Cities, to help spur green initiatives across the UK. 

“The generosity of Gett’s customers will be greatly felt around the country and has enabled us to plant approximately 14,000 trees,” said Rory Field, Trees for Cities.  “It’s clear from the amount of money raised that climate change is a heartfelt topic for both Gett and its B2C customers.  Through its nifty technology, which enables customers to book rides across the UK, Gett has been able to facilitate a highly successful donation system, and I’m really excited to see what our continued partnership will bring.” 

One project that Gett’s customers’ donations helped with was a mass planting session at Aston Playing Field, a vast space of woodland near Redbridge along the M11.  Thanks to Gett’s donations, thousands of trees have already been planted at the site, and many members of the community were brought together for the event. Trees for Cities plans to use the remainder of Gett customers’ donations to fund further tree planting initiatives later this year. 

“At Gett, our vision is to help create cleaner air for everyone,” said Matteo De Renzi, CEO at Gett.  “Gett’s partnership with Trees for Cities is a key part of our broader ESG strategy. As a growing ground transportation management platform for corporate travel, we have a duty to make responsible decisions for the environment and create partnerships that can make a real difference.  Even more so because we’re operating in such a fragmented, analog market that typically has little to no green standards.  As part of our on-going commitment to sustainability, this spring we have more than 3,000 electric vehicles available to book via the Gett platform in the United Kingdom, and in addition our B2C customers have raised enough money to plant approximately 14,000 trees.  I’m incredibly proud of both our teams and our customers for sharing such a strong sense of responsibility towards our planet.” 

Having experienced significant growth over the past five years, Gett has ramped up its commitment to sustainable travel.  Gett now has more than 3,000 electric vehicles available to book via the Gett platform in the UK.  Even for non-electric journeys, Gett has committed to fully offsetting all carbon emissions, via regular donations through its climate partner, EcoAct*. 

To add the £1.99 donation to Trees for Cities, Gett’s customers in the UK simply select the Gett Green icon instead of a regular taxi when they make a booking through the app.  All donations are entirely optional.