5 ways using Gett will make your day that little bit better

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There are a few nifty things you might not know about Gett – things we reckon won’t just streamline your day but will enhance it. Sure, we would say that, wouldn’t we? But they’re things that we’re proud of – and they’re even a reason to choose us over any other taxi app.

1) We’re going green
Since September last year, we’ve carbon-offset every single ride by investing in projects around the world that combat deforestation and promote clean energy. You can read more about it here. What’s more, in London, you can now specifically order a cab from the Gett Electric class – and we’re incentivising drivers to choose an electric taxi, in the hope we’ll see more of them on our roads. By selecting the Gett Green option, riders can also choose to donate 20p to air-quality initiatives in a number of central London schools at the highest risk of pollution.

2) We’re predictably priced
When you order a cab for private use through the Gett app, you’ll get a black cab, which means your ride will be based on a metered rate. So we’ve never offered ridiculously cheap journeys that neither we nor our drivers can sustain, and we quote you a price range for the journey before you order – everything’s up front. Fare’s fair.

3) We’re investing in making our tech the best in the business
We’re a bit obsessed with technology and user experience – and we want ours to work the hardest for both drivers and riders. Whether you’re a private or business client, pre-book or book on-demand transport instantly. Efficient, cutting edge tech and an expert 24/7 customer service (should you need to chat to a human) ensures the highest standard of service.

Gett Business Solutions is our end-to-end solution for businesses in the UK and beyond, taking you from your office to a client’s office, in one booking platform, which saves significant time, money and hassle. There’s a variety of booking options and vehicles available to guarantee upmost satisfaction. The app allows you to track journeys and manage invoices, all within the one platform. There’s full visibility of travel spend, no hidden costs and no surge charges. The smart management tools will also help you track flights and set up recurring journey, whilst usage behaviour analysis will allow our experienced team to determine the most efficient data-driven travel suggestions for you, based on your business needs.

4) We’re three minutes faster than the competition
You can arrange a doorstep pick-up with Gett and we’ll get you to your destination on average up to three minutes faster than the competition. Yeah, we know, it sounds like we’re bragging – but when you’re the fastest, you’ve got to celebrate!

5) We treat our drivers better
We’ve always believed that if you treat your drivers better, they provide a better service – and our riders give them the highest ratings in the business, with an average of 4.8 stars out of 5. Why are our drivers better? First and foremost, they’re highly experienced black cab drivers in fully licensed cabs, so they know their way around their cities like nobody else. They don’t have to drive around or wait near stations for passengers; they accept rides through the Gett app that provide more sensible routes in more convenient timeframes. During their working hours, they get to take the most journeys via the most efficient routes; they love the Gett tech; and, most importantly, they have access to our support team 24/7. Our riders do, too, of course, but it’s this one-on-one assistance for our drivers that sets us apart.

We’re not taking you for a ride – we believe in doing things better, so you can get there smarter. Download the Gett app from the Apple Store or from Google Play for Android users.

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