We’re going to the Business Travel Show 2021!

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We’re going to the Business Travel Show 2021!

Yes, the Business Travel Show is back. Anyone currently working in Business Travel over the last two years will have probably asked themselves the question; “Is business travel back?” 

The answer you find can differ from day to day. Some days you read articles like this one, and log in to your zoom calls full of energy and excitement. Other days something like this lands in your inbox and you can end up feeling resigned. 

Will this blogpost put to bed once and for all the question of whether business travel will get back to where it was in 2019?

No. The truth is that no-one really knows. There’s lots of speculation, but little certainty. But, in this uncertain world, and in this uncertain time, there is one thing we definitely do know.


Business Travel Show Banner

The European version of the show is once again in London (after a year away), and with 9000 people expected to attend, is set to be as important an event for the business travel industry as it was in the times before any of us spoke the words ‘lockdown’ or ‘lateral flow’ out loud. 

And of course, Gett is going to be at the show. Big time! 

The way we see it, seeing someone face-to-face is always going to be preferable when it’s safe. And for that reason alone, business travel will always have its place. And that’s why we’ve committed to making this year’s Business Travel show a success. 

What are we bringing to the party?

Free Coffee Promo BTSE2021

We’re bringing:

  • Our super enthusiastic team
  • Live demos of how Gett can help you transform your ground transportation platform
  • Special deals like this one
  • Lots and lots of coffee
  • A happy hour on Thursday Sept 30
  • Free Swag – hoodies, face masks, hand gels, tote bags, coffee cups, and more

We would love, love, love to see you there. We think this year’s event is set to be really special, albeit a little different. 

Want to come down and meet the team (and get some free cool stuff). Find us at BTSE160, and to avoid disappointment, click the link below to book your slot with the team.