Case study: Helping OC&C with faster pick-up times

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OC&C is a strategic consulting firm whose core industries include retail, consumer goods, private equity and M&A, leisure, telecoms, media and technology. It identifies problems and provides tailored corporate strategies to meet the specific needs of its clientele. The company has a global presence, with offices across North and South America, Europe and Asia. “Our clients have very high standards,” explains Eva Denedo, Business and Office Manager at OC&C. “In return, we have very high expectations internally of our contractors.”

What did OC&C need?

As a large, global firm, OC&C gives every single employee a taxi account. Its top priorities? Swift pick-up times and increased efficiency to match its fast-moving business.

“It’s very fast-paced here, and diaries change at the drop of a hat,” explains Eva. “Our consultants will suddenly be needed across town or find out they have to be in another country the next morning. We need a reactive travel company who moves at the same pace we do.”

With employees often travelling late at night, a secure service with vetted drivers was also vital to meet the firm’s duty of care.

When it came to customer service and account management, it was important that OC&C could call up and speak to a real person, so any concerns could be dealt with immediately. The company also needed to work with a team who knew its business and understood its unique processes. For example, each taxi ride had to be charged to the relevant project code, and these changed week by week. In order to track costs and budget allocation, it was vital project codes were updated in the system accurately every week.

And lastly, while efficiency and standard of service were key, the solution had to be cost-effective, so savings could be passed on to clients.

What wasn’t working for OC&C previously?

The biggest problem with OC&C’s previous provider was the extended wait times. There were service issues and response times were rising, reaching an average of 25 minutes. It was essential to find a reliable service that offered rapid pick-up.

“Our travel policy allows staff to take a taxi to the office if they have to be in for a 7am start, and similarly, if they’ve been working on a project till 9pm, they can take a taxi home,” says Eva. “One of our biggest problems was wait times, especially in the evenings.”

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“With Gett, I don’t have to worry about the safety of my colleagues. It’s one of the single biggest benefits for me”

How could Gett help?
OC&C’s raison d’être is fixing problems for its clients, so we wanted to solve the issues it was having with its previous taxi provider. We could do this by providing:

1. On-demand bookings for immediate allocation of a driver and speedy arrival times – with an average wait time of five minutes, thanks to our large fleet size.
2. Round-the-clock personal service from our account managers and customer service team – this means we are able to respond rapidly to any issue as it develops. The on-boarding team came prepared with a thorough knowledge of the industry and OC&C, instilling confidence and enabling them to set up a bespoke system to suit the firm’s specific policies and processes.
3. Fleet security – with the use of vetted cars, employees travel securely and the company’s duty of care standards are met.
4. Advanced analytics and reporting to see where we can be more efficient and help to optimise the cost coding process. These savings can then be passed onto the client.

So, what difference did we make?
“We started with a month trial of Gett and the feedback was amazing,” says Eva. “Then we rolled it out across the board with excellent results. Pick-up times are really quick. Sometimes, I’ll use the app and by the time I get to my desk, it tells me the taxi is outside.”

The number of employee rides managed by the company each month has risen dramatically, from around 50 to between 350 and 400. Meanwhile, the average wait time has fallen from 25 minutes to 5 minutes, saving staff 133 hours a year.

Gett has reduced OC&C’s costs through competitive rates and improved waiting times, with OC&C able to pass these savings on to its clients.

As well as increased efficiency and savings, one of the most important outcomes has been peace of mind. “With Gett, I don’t have to worry about the safety of my colleagues. It’s one of the single biggest benefits for me,” explains Eva.

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