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The global demands of this retail bank required a consolidated approach to its ground travel. Here’s how Gett provided the solution.

Who is the client?
A multinational banking and financial services company headquartered in London, the bank operates a network of more than 1,200 branches and outlets across more than 70 countries.

What were their requirements?
As a global business, the retail bank manages multiple contracts with partners all over the world, so the team wanted to find a business ground travel solution that would consolidate its travel within a single platform, thereby cutting costs, reducing man hours and streamlining processes.

Sustainability was also key: the bank wanted to find a more environmentally friendly solution while remaining cost effective and upholding high service standards.

Finally, the bank needed a solution with a broad range of reporting tools in order to gain insight into how its employees use the travel service, and in doing so identify ways to reduce unmanaged spend.

What wasn’t working previously?
The main challenge facing the bank was the size of its travel operation. With 87,000 employees and branches across Europe, Central and South America, Asia, the Middle East and Africa, there was a vast amount of travel data to manage. This included travel requests and the need for numerous local travel partners, all of whom required vetting, managing and invoicing, generating an incredible amount of work.

The size and scope of the company also meant it needed a way of measuring and tracking its travel activity in real time. This was critical for meeting its duty of care to employees and get a clear view of its travel costs.

Finally, the bank’s employees were expecting sustainability to be a priority but did not wish to incur higher costs or experience longer wait times for a lower emission car.

How could Gett help?
Gett was ideally placed to provide a single, user-friendly, ground travel solution. Here’s how:

1. The Gett platform (accessible via web portal or app) offers consolidated management, consistent back-office processes and international roaming. That meant that the bank could implement its own customised travel policy, benefiting from a huge fleet offering all types of vehicles.

2. On-demand bookings allow users to book and track rides. The app also reduces admin with a single consolidated invoice and eliminates price uncertainty and cuts expenditure – the price template is fixed in the contract so there are no price surges. All this while meeting international compliance and regulations.

3. Gett offers carbon neutral rides thanks to its partnership with EcoAct. The platform also supports the use of electric and hybrid vehicles while minimising “dead mileage”, the distance travelled prior to picking up the fare, which has the added benefit of reducing costs.

4. Gett’s reporting tools offer transparency by providing a 360˚ view of the company’s travel operation. This information can be used to reveal hidden and indirect costs, such as the time staff take to process expenses, analyse user behavior, including the time of day users take taxis and the types of vehicle they use, expose inefficiencies and help the bank meet its duty of care.

So, what difference did we make?
By using Gett’s consolidated platform, which includes a single, unified invoice, the bank was able to dramatically reduce the time spent on travel administration – for example, employees don’t need to submit expense reports or spend time collecting receipts.

In addition, Gett’s solution was able to improve security for employees as they travel, with vetted partners and cars that can be tracked in case of travel disruptions or emergencies.

The business was also able to cut costs and reduce its carbon footprint substantially. Gett’s sophisticated reporting tools also revealed areas of overspend and high carbon output, both of which could be resolved by working with the bank’s personal account manager at Gett to identify travel overlap and introduce a ride sharing policy in the future.


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