Gett’s B2B Marketplace Upgrades Sustainability Features for Enterprise Clients

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Photograph of an electric car charging on the street

We are furthering our efforts to reduce CO2 emissions by delivering sustainable transportation options for our enterprise clients and their employees.

Our platform now allows enterprise clients in the UK to adopt an employee travel policy consisting solely of electric fleets running 24 hours a day in central London, thus enabling companies to better track, control, and reduce CO2 emissions from business travel. We have been able to extend this service through both more TX Electric taxis and more fleet partners, including Ola and Green Tomato who provide eco-travel options for business clients.

This new platform capability complements our existing Gett Green program in the UK. Through our existing partnership with EcoAct, we help offset enterprise clients’ annual CO2 emissions from vehicle rides. EcoAct’s CO2 offsetting program is based on three accredited projects: wind power generation in India, peatland conservation and restoration, and Cambodian rainforest protection.

Each project aligns to specific Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as we support our enterprise clients in achieving a more sustainable future. In addition, private riding customers can select from numerous eco-travel options available on the Gett app – Gett Electric (to ride in a TX Electric taxi) and Gett Green (to donate 20p from total ride fare to help fund green projects in London).

In May 2021, we signed a new Gett Green partner, Trees for Cities. Trees for Cities is a London-based environmental charity that has planted more than one million trees to improve air quality in urban areas. Read here for more on Gett Green and our commitment to sustainability.

“We are delighted to offer more sustainability initiatives at Gett as we strive to reduce CO2 emissions and support our enterprise clients in achieving their sustainability goals. With corporate travel resuming, businesses have greater responsibility for employee transportation. As a global platform, we are in the fortunate position to take action to reduce the impact of pollution in the cities we love and provide business travelers with more sustainable transportation choices.”

Dave Waiser, Gett CEO and co-founder