Gett surpasses 3,000 electric black taxis in the UK

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  • Gett, the provider of a leading ground transport management platform for corporate travel, accelerates its green agenda, celebrating 3,000 electric black taxis available to book via the Gett platform.
  • This milestone achievement will help more business travellers opt to book electric vehicles– whilst Gett also provides their employers with important CO2 emissions data
  • In addition, Gett already offsets CO2 emissions for all taxi rides booked in the UK via the Gett platform, via its partnership with EcoAct*

LONDON, United Kingdom, April 20, 2022 – Gett, the provider of a leading ground transportation management (GTM) platform for corporate travel, today announced that it now has more than 3,000 electric black taxis available to book in the UK – that’s in addition to the electric vehicles that are made available by the 2,000-plus independent fleets and transportation providers via the Gett platform. This milestone was reached as Gett ramps up its sustainability agenda and commitment to helping create cleaner air for everyone. 

Gett – which helps many of the world’s leading companies manage their ground transportation – already offsets the CO2 emissions for every ride booked on the Gett platform in the UK, via its partnership with EcoAct, meaning that all rides booked in the UK are carbon neutral.

Gett aims to continue increasing the availability of electric vehicles on the Gett platform.

Without using the Gett platform, tracking ground travel usage and vehicle type is typically a challenge.  However, companies using Gett are able to access insights into their CO2 emissions, including a breakdown of emissions by team, by vehicle type and per journey.  This visibility enables clients to make responsible and informed decisions about how their teams travel within a $100-billion-a-year market that is currently mostly analog and untracked spend. 

“Our vision at Gett is to help create cleaner air for everyone,” said Matteo de Renzi, Managing Director – GTM Platform, at Gett.  “We are a fast-growing ground transportation management platform serving some of the world’s largest enterprises, so we have a duty to ensure we make the right decisions for the environment.  We’re also working within one of the most fragmented supply markets in the travel industry, with little to no green standards.  This inspires us to lead by example, helping companies around the world to make responsible choices in how they travel.  I’m proud that we’ve reached this milestone, but we won’t stop there; we’ll continue to grow the number of electric vehicles available to book on our platform so that every one of our business travel riders has the option to ride electric.”

In central London, B2C service users can already choose an EV taxi to service every booking they make, by selecting ‘Gett Electric’ in the Gett app. As Gett increases the availability of EVs on the Gett platform, this feature is becoming more readily available to riders in multiple locations across the UK.  In addition, by adopting the Gett platform, companies are also able to track how many EV bookings their teams are making.

“For corporations, gaining an insight into the environmental impact of their journeys has never been more important,” continued de Renzi.  “In addition to giving our riders access to 3,000 electric black taxis, the Gett platform also provides travel managers with valuable insight into total CO2 emissions from their company’s journeys, breaking this down by vehicle type.  This data then enables companies to take appropriate action to reduce their CO2 consumption, driving corporate green agendas around the world.”

To further help the environment, many of Gett’s riders are able to select Gett Green with each trip taken.  This adds a £1.99 donation to the trip cost, which funds green projects via Gett’s partnership with UK charity, Trees for Cities

*In September 2018, Gett announced its partnership with EcoAct, which offsets the annual carbon emitted from all Gett rides across the UK, into three chosen accredited and recognised projects. As reported by EcoAct, its carbon offset projects are all aligned to specific Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and aim to bring a more sustainable future to communities and the environment alike. EcoAct is an international sustainability company and project developer, dedicated to delivering sustainable solutions to help businesses to succeed in their climate ambitions.