How Gett can keep your team moving this season

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With end of year parties to attend and transport shutdowns to contend with, smooth business travel becomes even more essential over the festive season. 

Research shows that workplace productivity levels dip from late-November onwards and while the natural wind-down is welcomed in most cases, prolonged, stressful journeys and excessive admin please no-one. 

Gett is here to help you navigate the busy festive period. Read on to discover how our range of features and support can keep your team moving. From bespoke event planning to streamlined expenses.

Key takeaways:

  • Average pickup time of under four minutes in Central London
  • 24/7 support available through our customer care team
  • Streamline potentially hundreds of invoices down to one single payment.

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Faster, more reliable rides

Waiting in the cold, scrolling through multiple apps to try and find a ride, is a surefire way to kill the festive mood. Reliability may not be the most exciting of concepts but it’s something we pride ourselves on. The average pick-up time of a Gett ride in Central London is under four minutes, with the ability to book multiple ride types within a single app – including black cabs and executive vehicles.  We also make it easy to pre-book rides in bulk and set up automatically-recurring rides.

As for the rides themselves, remember black cabs are permitted to use bus lanes – so you can beat the traffic and get back to those turkey sandwiches quick sharp!

Duty of care

We know your team’s safety is your number one priority – it’s ours, too. Through the app and desktop portal, we make it simple to track rides in real-time and share locations. 

In case there are any hiccups across those late nights and early starts, a dedicated account manager and Gett’s 24/7 customer care team will be on-hand to support you and your team.

Further peace of mind comes from the fact that black cab drivers are fully-licensed, while Gett’s private hire fleets pass through an eight step vetting process before being onboarded onto the Gett platform.

Bespoke event support

Business events come with many moving parts. And whether you are organising an all-staff social or an awards ceremony, arranging ground travel for attendees and speakers can be a real headache. 

The Gett platform makes it more straightforward, with the option to upload and pre-book dozens of rides in an instant. Should you need onsite support, TfL-licensed marshals can be arranged through Gett to act as a go-between for passengers and drivers on the day. 

Beyond Gett’s features, it’s also worth keeping in mind that our team have a lot of event experience and are always happy to help with logistics and ensuring things run smoothly.

Less admin, more visibility

More business travel brings more admin. Or at least that’s how it used to work. With Gett, you can give the gift of monthly invoicing to your team – saving them from the hassle of having to expense each ride and potentially streamlining hundreds of expenses down to one single payment. Better still, you can choose the cost centre at the time of booking to simplify cost attribution post-ride.

Another handy feature is the ability to set spending limits for individuals and teams. Putting this in place will ensure you keep within your travel budget and there are no nasty surprises come the New Year.

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