How a ride management platform can help your media company stay ahead of the curve 

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Getting around town with a crew can be an incredibly challenging task, especially if your production is taking you all across a city. By using a ride management platform like Gett, your teams can access fast, convenient, and reliable transportation services that make navigating a city much easier – without having to file travel expenses or risk unnecessary delays due to unreliable public transportation.

Let’s take a look at some of the main reasons why media, production, and creative agencies should consider using a ride management platform.

Safety and Security

A ride management platform helps with passenger and equipment safety by creating a record of all ride bookings, allowing passengers to share their location with friends and colleagues, reconnect you with any lost property you left in a cab, and providing spacious vehicles where your equipment can be kept in sight at all times. Using a ride management platform to book rides also allows passengers to stay inside until their ride has arrived, and transports them door-to-door.

Centralizing Costs

A ride management platform also provides visibility over your ride costs and allows you to tag difference cost centers, so that you can easily charge back expenses to clients if necessary. This makes it much simpler for your company to keep track of spending and manage budgets. With its centralized cost structure, Gett helps businesses in the media industry manage their expenses more effectively by offering competitive rates on a variety of different ground transport options and negating the need for time-consuming taxi expense claims. 

Quick Turnaround Time

With a ride management platform, you can hail rides via an app, manage bookings on-the-go, track drivers in real time, and get instant visibility into how long it will take for a ride to arrive at its destination. This makes it much easier for your company to respond quickly when time is tight or deadlines need to be met quickly. 

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Variety of Vehicles on One Platform

Having access to different types of vehicles, such as black cabs, executive cars, and XL taxis, gives you the flexibility you need to book transport for both people, and equipment. You can move large amounts of equipment quickly or choose luxury vehicles for VIPs depending on what’s needed in any situation.

Ride Apps are Flexible

Ride hailing apps are also incredibly flexible because they allow you to adjust your travel plans throughout the day if needed. If something comes up unexpectedly while filming – like last minute changes in location or shooting times – a ride hailing app can help make sure everyone gets home safely at the end of the day no matter what surprises arise during production. And if certain members of the crew need to head out early or stay late due to changes in scheduling, a ride hailing app can keep up with those adjustments.

Monthly invoices

Gett also offers flexible billing options, so film companies don’t have to worry about paying for each ride individually every time they travel. This makes it easier for film crews who may need multiple trips daily across large distances during shoots (which we know can run late into evenings) without adding additional financial pressures on top of other costs related to production days. 

One of the main advantages of using a ride management system over other forms of transport when filming on location is its convenience. The Gett platform and app allow users to book rides quickly and easily via their smartphones – meaning no wasted time standing in the street trying to hail a cab or waiting for public transport options. Additionally, by pre-booking their rides in advance, it eliminates the potential inconvenience of having their vehicle arrive late or get lost during transit since passengers input all necessary information ahead of time – including pick up points, drop offs and payment details. 

By utilizing a ride management platform, media companies gain access to numerous benefits such as improved safety and security measures, centralized costs monitoring and tracking capabilities, quick turnaround times when booking rides or transporting personnel or equipment, as well as access to different types of vehicles on one convenient platform. If you want your media company to stay ahead of the curve, then investing in a ride management platform is definitely worth considering!

How Gett can help

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