[Report] How one organization saved 29% on ground travel with Gett

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When traveling by ground, choice has arguably never been greater. Travelers are exposed to an ever-increasing number of vendors and apps, and are relatively free to use whichever one meets their expectations. 

However, choice inevitably leads to fragmentation – and creates a huge challenge for corporations. Unlike air, corporate ground travel is typically unmanaged, leaving companies with little visibility into cost, volume and employee safety.

One solution is to adopt a technology platform that can manage corporate ground transportation all in one place. That’s what we offer at Gett, and we’re saving companies significant amounts of money in doing so.

We wanted to prove how Gett can help with this growing challenge. So, we commissioned an independent research firm, Forrester Consulting, to investigate the potential return on investment through deploying our ground transportation management platform.

The consultancy carried out a deep dive on one of our longest-standing clients, a UK government institution, whose 1,200 staff were taking around 2,000 rides per year. Prior to using Gett, the organization struggled with monitoring ground transport spend. It faced a multitude of practical challenges with enforcing rules, and its employees were wasting countless hours submitting and processing expense claims.

Through a deep analysis, Forrester uncovered the extent that Gett’s GTM platform helped the organization completely transform its approach to ground travel.

The result? A 29% saving on the organization’s ground transportation and a 162% ROI!

Here are the top six ways Gett helped:

  1. Huge savings on rides – Gett compares ride options for numerous providers on its platform, allowing our client’s employees to select the most affordable and convenient option. Easy access to lower-priced rides led to more than $50,000 of savings.
  2. Improvement in travel policy compliance – since investing in Gett, a travel ground transport travel policy was set up, and users were presented only with ride options that they qualified for within this policy. The result was a $27,000 saving through reducing non-compliant rides.
  3. Thousands of hours saved on expense claims – migrating to Gett’s platform streamlined the expense process for employees and the finance team. Team members no longer had to spend time and effort on submitting claims. And the organization’s finance team saved more than 1,000 hours on processing them. 
  4. Protection from fraud – a common issue faced by companies in expense management is fraud. Supplier overcharging and employees overinflating expenses can potentially mean significant losses for companies. With Gett, our client was able to achieve transparency in ride costs, significantly reducing opportunity for fraud and saving an estimated $5,900.
  5. Visibility into CO2 emissions – with sustainability being increasingly important, visibility into company emissions is paramount. Our client is now able to keep track of how many miles its employees have traveled, and the corresponding level of CO2 emissions. 
  6. Improved employee experience – the report found that team members are enjoying the convenience and flexibility of using Gett. They reported that its user-friendly app offered the same convenience they would find in any other consumer-facing app.

Find out more about all the benefits of Gett for our customers by reading the full report here