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Today’s world is more connected and data-driven than ever before – but ensuring that data is working for you can be both tricky and time-consuming. Employing the information captured during business travel is one way that Gett helps its partners reduce costs and emissions, as well as saving precious work hours. How?

“With each client booking, our systems record a number of pieces of information,” explains Sam Parfitt, Global Head of Implementation. “From the type of vehicle booked – private hire or black cab – to the distance of the journey, the time of day, duration and how it was booked, everything is logged into our systems automatically. Likewise, we can also capture who made the booking, any waiting time incurred and the resulting CO2 emissions, so we get a full picture of our clients’ usage with each and every journey.”

That information is then collated and analysed by Gett, and the results presented to clients in the form of regular MI (Management Information) reports. “Our work with clients is largely focused on how we can help improve their business spend and efficiency,” explains Sam. “For instance, some journeys are better suited to a black cab – such as a short city-centre hop – while for others, a private-hire vehicle is better value. It sounds small, but when you scale that to a business level you can start identifying where bookings aren’t optimised and suggest alternative arrangements.” Likewise, Gett can identify the most prolific users and those employees who incur the longest waiting times.

Tailored reports
MI reports are also tailored to the individual needs of each business. “We find that some of our clients are primarily focused on identifying opportunities for cost-saving, while others are very conscious of their overall carbon emissions,” says Sam. “With these analytics in place, we’re able to adapt our recommendations and services according to those targets. We can also tailor our services for clients via the app; if they want their senior executives to have access to all transport options, but to limit other members of the team to certain vehicle or journey types, that’s possible.”

For clients mindful of the environment, Gett’s large fleet of electric cabs is on hand to ensure emissions are kept to a minimum; this can then be tracked on graphs to ensure accurate reporting.

In terms of results, the case studies speak for themselves. One client, a major UK media company, saw annual savings of £1.5 million when they migrated their transport contracts to Gett. This was thanks to the streamlining of suppliers, the one-stop online booking platform and simple invoicing system, which allowed them to close a costly and inefficient call centre.

Another partner – an international strategic consulting firm – needed to reduce the amount of time their staff spent waiting for ground travel, which was averaging 25 minutes. They also needed to consolidate providers; each staff member worldwide had a taxi account, which made both duty-of-care checks and invoice processing unnecessarily complex. By switching to Gett for all its ground-travel requirements, these issues were quickly addressed: only one centralised invoicing system was needed, and thanks to its large network of partners, wait times were reduced to an average of just five minutes, saving a total of 133 people hours a year. In addition, the fleet of cars from vetted operators meet safety requirements with ease – one more way Gett’s data analysis provides invaluable support to its clients.

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