Optimise your commute with a carbon neutral, clean and safe ride

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With the easing of lockdown well underway, there are many people eager to get back into the office, and to make increasingly regular trips into town to see friends and family. 

But as expected, more and more people are concerned over their health and safety whilst travelling, with increasing numbers looking for alternative ways to get around. 

It is also no surprise that with the world under lockdown, vital environmental improvements were seen across the globe. This has made us more aware of the impact that our travels have on the environment, with more people keen to adopt greener approaches to getting around.

The reality is that for most there will be some level of home working still, so on the days you are heading into town you should make your trip in the safest, cleanest way possible whilst helping to maintain the record low emission levels.

At Gett, all our taxis have factory-installed partition screens, which help reduce contact between you and the driver, are easy to book and are also a sustainable mode of transportation – a smarter way to travel in a post pandemic world. 

Why use Gett:

  • Travel smarter  – Spacious ride for yourself in cabs made for 6, driven by fully licensed, knowledgeable drivers 
  • We continue to have conversations with drivers to ensure they are fully aware of TfL guidance; this includes regular cleaning of cabs and face coverings (drivers and passengers).
  • We’re three minutes faster than standard cars
    You can arrange a doorstep pick-up with Gett, and we’ll get you to your destination on average up to three minutes faster* than with standard cars. Yeah, we know, it sounds like we’re bragging – but when you’re the fastest, you’ve got to celebrate. Our taxis can drive through all the new bus lanes and congestion zones to get you there faster – result!
  • Green Credentials
    Since September 2018, we’ve carbon-offset every single UK ride by investing in projects around the world that combat deforestation and promote clean energy. You can read more about it here
  • Go Electric
    What’s more, in London, you can now specifically order an electric black cab from our Gett Electric option and we’re seeing more and more of them on our roads. 
  • Know before you go
    There is also full visibility on all your ride details, including routes, the fare, any Gett fees, driver details and more – plus a dedicated team on hands 24/7 to answer any other questions via our live chat in-app. 
  • More options with Business accounts
    Start a business account for many more options for all your teams. Black cabs, cars, ride-hailing and limo’s are organised on our platform for you and your travel team to easily manage spend in all one place.

*Loudhouse, April 2017