The tech making travel safer (and more enjoyable!)

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COVID has changed the way we travel – both domestically and internationally. Whether for business or pleasure, it’s not unusual to have anxiety around travelling. According to a survey by GlobalData, 32% of respondents stated they plan to reduce domestic and international travel as a result of coronavirus – which isn’t surprising.

In this blog post, we’re shedding light on the best apps built to help you travel safer and better in a post-COVID world. We’re hoping these techie solutions will give you the confidence needed to expand your travel horizons once again and awaken the traveller within!

Never miss a travel alert again with Sitata

As we all find our feet in a post-COVID world, it’s essential we have access to travel alerts and information from a reliable source – and that’s where Sitata comes in. Sitata is a free app that promises to update its user whenever a threat emerges. They alerted travellers to the danger of COVID back on 2nd January 2020 – so they’re true to their word!

What other threats can Sitata identify? Customers state they’ve been notified of airline strikes and because of this they’ve managed to reorganise their flights to save money and time on their travels, and the app also notifies you of flight cancellations and delays. Another customer received notification surrounding a local protest group and was advised which routes should be avoided to minimise congestion.

The app also offers emergency numbers for the local area, and travellers can access a chat functionality for help with legal issues, lost luggage and more. Think of Sitata as your handy business travel companion you keep in your pocket!

Make the most of your airport time with Sanctifly

If you’re a frequent flyer, you need this app. Sanctifly will transform your airport layovers and turn what would have been free and wasted time into something you actually look forward to. “Who looks forward to a layover?” We hear you ask – but you will once you check out this app.

When you land in an airport you haven’t visited before it can be overwhelming for sure. You don’t know the layout of the airport, and you might not know what facilities are outwardly available to travellers. You might be worried about where you will sit and wait for your flight – will you even manage to get a seat? Or you might worry about getting food or just entertaining yourself for a few hours. The app enables you to select the amount of time you have free and suggests activities or facilities that can cater to your needs within the airport. From massage and relaxation to fitness and food – some airports have swimming pools and gym facilities that can be accessed with a relatively inexpensive lounge pass.

The Sanctifly app helps you find hidden gems in every airport – you needn’t be bored again!

Stay connected with WiFi Map

With most hotel chains offering free WiFi for their customers, connectivity isn’t so sparse – but as soon as you step foot outside your hotel, it can be a completely different story. As a travelling employee, you’re required to check emails frequently and answer client and business queries – which means you shouldn’t be without WiFi connectivity. WiFi Map could be the solution you’ve been looking for –  in London alone, the app can offer its users free access to 12,520 WiFi spots!

A travel app like WiFi Map should form an essential part of your business travel plans – not only does using WiFi cut down on roaming and data costs – it means you’re always contactable. Travelling for business might be anxiety-inducing right now, but with the ability to stay constantly connected, you can feel more comfortable when you’re away from your home turf.

We’re all about embracing stress-free travel here at Gett – and our aim is simple: to provide best-in-class ground travel services. Track employee movements as they travel around the world easily within one dashboard and manage travel costs and expenses – all while your employees feel safe and comfortable to navigate travel post-COVID. Read more about our business solutions.

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