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Dave Waiser SaaStr speaker

If the world of cutting-edge technology companies had a Super Bowl, it would be SaaStr Annual. The biggest and best players in SaaS, tech, software, and everything cloud-based have been attending, exhibiting, and speaking at SaaStr Annual since way back in the day (2012, that’s PRE-pandemic!). 

And that’s why our very own CEO and co-founder, Dave Waiser, will be hosting a special roundtable at this year’s SassStr Annual in September. Together with the top names in the business, he will be sharing lessons on how to define a new category in huge but traditional markets.

It takes time, dedication and strategic planning to effect change in a traditional or entrenched industry, but the creation of a new category may also result in significant competitive advantages. Companies like OKTA, DocuSign, Zoom, Coupa and Shopify all disrupted traditional industries to create what are now well-established categories. 

There are many phases businesses go through when creating a new category, and the long road to success requires different business mindsets, capabilities and attitudes to graduate from one phase to the next – from establishing MVP development with PoC partnerships, to rapidly scaling up and expanding your business plan, to finally shoring up your competitive advantages.

Dave will reveal how Gett defines and leads the new corporate Ground Transportation Management (GTM) category. Gett’s GTM platform is such a compelling proposition for businesses seeking to better manage and reduce their ground transportation spend because it seamlessly combines a simple user experience with a B2B marketplace housing more than 1,000 suppliers.

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