What’s the difference between having a business account or a personal account with Gett?

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Whether you’re hitting the road for work or leisure, Gett has you covered! You can open a business account or a personal account with us in minutes – or even take advantage of both. 

Personal accounts are perfect for customers looking for a black cab in major UK cities that’s fast, reliable, and comfortable. But if you’re travelling for business you might find you need a few more features. In this blog, we’ll go through some of the extra features that you get access to when you open a business account with Gett.

Ready to get moving? Discover how Gett can transform your business travel and get started today.

More vehicle options

When travelling for work, you may need rides that match a variety of requirements. That’s why business riders can take advantage of a wider range of vehicle types from over 2,000 fleets, from cost-effective private hire vehicles (PHV), to executive cars perfect for the VIP in your life and of course black cabs. 

Flexible billing

When you’re using a personal account, you can only use your credit or debit card to pay as you go. Business account users are offered more flexibility and can choose to pay, for example, by monthly invoice, via a central corporate card, or through employees’ own corporate cards. So you can say goodbye to filing manual travel expenses!

A central ground travel management platform 

For businesses, being able to make travel arrangements and keep track of them in one easy-to-use place is vital. Otherwise, expenses can get lost, budgeting goes out the window and let’s not forget about the extra admin that’s bound to crop up. 

To help organisations with these challenges, we provide our business users with a web platform that allows them to book, manage and monitor rides in one centralised space. The web platform gives businesses greater visibility of their costs by providing them with all the tools they need to manage travel spend and bookings. With advanced reporting on team and individual usage, mileage, and even CO2 emissions, the web platform offers at-a-glance dashboards, downloadable invoices, and powerful automations.

Time-saving features

Managing rides for a team can be more time consuming than booking yourself a ride across town, so we’ve developed special features and automations that are exclusive to business users. These include ordering rides in bulk, setting automatic recurring rides, creating account-wide defaults, VIP ride monitoring and more! 

So the next time you want to speed up the travel booking process for yourself and your team, you can count on us.

Set travel policies 

Personal accounts are limited to one account holder who can only book rides for themselves, whereas businesses can book travel for hundreds if not thousands of staff and need to be equipped with the resources to keep their travel spend under control. 

We know that when you give staff the freedom to book their own travel, budgets can get stretched. To help businesses stay on track and within budget our web platform allows you to create travel policies and set user permissions. If a user or team can only travel during an allocated time or spend a certain amount, you can set guidelines that’ll prevent them from going over the limits you set. 

How Gett can help 

We hope reading this blog has helped you understand the difference between opening a business account and a personal account. Remember that you can keep your business rides separate from your personal ones by switching between Private and Business Rides in the app. 

Open a business account with Gett and transform the way you travel today!


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