Why the Gett Sales Academy is something I’m proud of

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by Tal Shtainman

Here at Gett, we pride ourselves on trying new things, on encouraging our staff members to challenge themselves, and on learning and expanding our skill sets.  It’s important for us (and me in particular as Global VP of Sales) to empower our sales organisation to excel and thrive in the highly-competitive market we serve. 

And this is why the Sales Academy programme was born. 

Our Sales Academy mission

Our ultimate goal is to have happy, stimulated employees who learn from others and share their experiences. So we’ve split our mission into six digestible topics, they are learning experience, global alignment, personal development, mastering sales, celebrating success and empowering.

  1. Learning experience- creating a forum for exchanging ideas and sales strategies.
  2. Global alignment – aligning processes, ‘know-how’, and key initiatives.
  3. Personal development – delivering a continual plan for skills improvement in a global environment.
  4. Mastering sales – motivating salespeople to do their best and excel, while sharing experiences.
  5. Celebrating success – taking an active part in a community that highlights success.
  6. Empowering – encouraging global engagements to reduce time to market of best practices.

I wanted our salespeople to be energised, motivated and feel as if they’re taking an active role in the most prestigious academy. 

I wanted all of us to learn from each other, exchange ideas, learn the most advanced sales practices, and enjoy our journeys to becoming real pros. 

As we’re all working remotely right now, it’s even more important that we, as companies, invest in our talent and provide, not only the best-in-class content but also engage employees in a way that creates a mutual experience and “togetherness”. 

At Gett, we strive to strike the right balance between playing hard and working smarter. We know employees who socialise together, work better together. They problem-solve faster and enjoy their day-to-day work more. We’re passionate about a healthy work-life balance, and we believe that our Sales Academy can help them achieve personal and professional satisfaction.

Learning from others and sharing your own experiences is the key to a happy, productive and professional team.

PS If you’re scratching your head when it comes to onboarding staff remotely,  I’ve spoken about the first-hand challenges of remote onboarding in a pandemic (I started right at the beginning of it all!). Read all about my experience and my tips and tricks for remote onboarding.  

What do we actually cover in our Sales Academy?

So as not to complicate things (we’re all busy people!), we’ve split our Academy into four areas. Those areas are global insights, learn and engage, share and reflect and review and practice. 

We want our sellers to come out of each session feeling more confident and ready to tackle their first sales challenge, so it was essential for us to empower them with all the best tools, knowledge and experiences possible.

Read about each area below:

  • Global insights – Updates, news, business insights, Leadership priorities, leveraging processes and tools.
  • Learn and engage – Sales related content and ‘How to’ methodologies such as: selling to the Enterprise, acting as trusted advisors, pipeline management, cross-selling, up-selling,  super negotiation and many more.
  • Share and reflect – Best practices, win and lose reviews, presenting the voice of the customer, sales excellence protocols, the importance of ‘Growth Mindset’.
  • Review and practice – Review shared and elaborated content, specific role-plays, mentoring program.

Our Sales Academy is just four months old and it’s already generating a high level of engagement. 

We’ve received fantastic feedback and we’re excited to see what happens next.  

Roll on 2021!
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