5 features Gett customers are finding useful during COVID

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5 Gett features that supported customers through COVID

As vaccines are rolled out, and the world slowly emerges from lockdown, we’re reflecting on our last year and how Gett has helped support customers through COVID. 

The travel industry has been impacted hugely due to the pandemic, but people still need to get from one city to another, and if they use Gett, they’ve been able to take advantage of these five features.

1. Cashless rides in the UK

  • When the pandemic first hit, many businesses refused to take cash payment through fear of unhygienic transmission of the virus. But that wasn’t a worry for Gett passengers as rides are cashless in the UK.
  • Cashless rides are becoming an expectation of ground travel. You can travel cashless on a train and on the bus now — so why not your taxi ride? Your employees don’t even need to whip their card out to make payment with Gett, as every order in the UK is tracked, recorded and paid for on the app. 
  • Our cashless solution means throughout COVID there are no worries about handling cash or even remembering to pay at the end of the ride. Cashless and automatically recorded rides mean travellers can focus on where they were going while minimising unnecessary physical contact along the way.

2. Feeling safe as you ride

  • Most countries still have social distancing restrictions in place, usually one to two metres distance. So when riding in a taxi, customers might be thinking, ‘Am I at a safe distance?’
  • Many private hire companies installed partitions and introduced mask-wearing policies for all drivers and passengers and continue to follow strict guidelines to keep passengers as safe as possible.

3. Track and trace through the app

  • Being aware of where your employees have been has never been so important, not only for their own safety but also so you can communicate the latest travel guidance to them, for their specific location i.e. notifying them of new COVID local restrictions and the need to quarantine on return.
  • Using the Gett all-in-one ground travel solution, you can easily determine where all travelling employees are. Track them as they travel, giving both you and your employees peace of mind.

4. Book on-demand or schedule your ride

  • As COVID rules and restrictions changed, plans also had to change to fit the latest guidelines, which meant travel plans for many people changed at the drop of a hat. Luckily, using Gett meant travellers can choose to schedule travel in advance or book on-demand, meaning their ground travel plans are just as flexible as the ever-changing COVID guidelines. 
  • This has been paramount; on-demand travel means travellers are often never more than a few minutes away from a taxi ride. This can reassure stressed travellers; there was always a way out and back home safely should they need it.
  • On-demand booking is made simple with the opportunity to book any vehicle type within one app. Watch your driver as they make their way to your location. And no matter what country you’re travelling in, your driver is always contactable through the app.

At Gett, we seek to work with reputable fleets that will safely get you from A to B. Learn more about our all-in-one ground travel solution.

5. Effortless communication

  • We already knew how important communication was to ensure efficient travel. But over this last year, communication has proven itself to be crucial. 
  • With our 24/7 live chat support, travellers are never alone as they travel either locally or internationally. If they have an issue with payment, with booking — whatever the query — employees can open the app and live chat with a human in real-time. 
  • Live web chat is more convenient than phone support. You can open it up and ask a quick question without having to reach a switchboard and await your turn in the virtual queue. 

Hopefully, when it comes to COVID, the worst is behind us here in the UK. We’re here to help you navigate ground travel through the difficult times and beyond — you can always rely on us in uncertain times.

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