Has COVID changed the way you travel?

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How to get about cities is still a concern for many, whether travelling to and from work, or resuming social activities. This was highlighted by a recent survey of potential travellers that expressed the following concerns:

  • 62% of us won’t use public transport unless social distancing is in place
  • 60% of people said they would rather drive than use public transport

The other fact to consider is that as the world recovers and people are returning to normal life, studies show that London’s daily traffic is rising fast.

TomTom daily and weekly congestion levels in London

So with traffic on the rise, and lingering concerns about public transport, we thought we would share these three simple and easy transport alternatives, read on to find out more.

Get on your bike

If you live a short distance away from your destination, why not consider cycling? It can go some way to reducing your carbon footprint, it’s great exercise, and it’s free! Do you need any more reasons? Since lockdown started, there’s been a boom in bike sales – which isn’t surprising, everyone is out and about enjoying the fresh air – and while we still have long summer days left – now is the perfect opportunity to dust off your bike and take it for a spin!

Get a black cab

No, we don’t mean hail one from the pavement amongst a crowd of people! At Gett, ALL of our taxis are black cabs. Why should black cabs be your go-to? They’re more spacious – the driver feels miles away, and black cabs are the only type of taxi with factory-installed partition screens. This means you’re separated from drivers – helping you effortlessly social distance on the move. Hailing a ride through our app couldn’t be simpler. Open the app, drop your pin and select your black cab option (green, extra-large, etc.) and await notification your ride is outside. On average, pick up times take just three minutes.

And as if those benefits weren’t enough here’s some more:

  • No-faff cashless payments only. No need for unnecessary interaction with drivers or card machines. (Add your card in the app and we’ll charge you automatically at the end of the ride and email you the receipt!)
  • Spacious ride for yourself in cabs made for 6, no need to share public transportation with others 
  • Fully licensed, knowledgeable drivers. (They can even drive in all the new bus lane to get you there faster – result!)
  • We ensure all initiatives are taken to ensure a safer ride; this includes cleaning of cabs and face coverings (drivers and passengers)
  • Did you know? All Gett UK rides are carbon neutral – we offset 7,500 tonnes of CO2 last year, for the remaining emissions we couldn’t reduce.

Go for a stroll

As the evenings and mornings are still light, why not go for a walk? Allow yourself a little more time to get to your destination. Walking is excellent exercise, did you know you can burn around 100 calories per mile if you weigh about 180 pounds, and 65 calories per mile if you eight 120 pounds? That’s pretty good going! Exposing your skin to natural sunlight can do wonders for your mental health. A study found sunlight could boost mood and lessen anxiety (which we all need a bit of help with!) – this translates to being more productive at work.