What we learned from Matteo de Renzi’s Business Buying Travel interview

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Gett CEO Matteo de Renzi

1. Gett is committed to servicing its business clients – whether large companies or SMEs
‘In general terms, in the UK, the corporate sector produces the bulk of our profit,’ De Renzi said. He added: ‘As well as the big corporates, we also work with SMEs, and offer 24/7 support from our London call centre.’

2. The company already has a major presence in the UK
Gett provides access to 15,000 black cabs in the UK and 35,000 executive cars. And although London is the biggest market, the company has a presence in many other British cities, including Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Coventry.

3. Volkswagen’s $300 million investment in Gett is powering global expansion
The cash injection from the car manufacturer has helped Gett to attract 20,000 corporate clients and establish a presence in 180 cities across the UK and seven other countries. ‘Obviously they saw a potential opportunity in us, and we gave them a foothold in the e-hailing space. It’s a perfect match – they make very good cars, and we are very good at moving them.’

4. De Renzi is used to shooting for the stars
The former Goldman Sachs and McKinsey executive holds a masters degree in aerospace engineering from the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna in Pisa.

5. Gett is thinking ahead
De Renzi believes that autonomous vehicles will play some role in the future of transport. One day they may travel in convoy along pre-determined routes, occasionally using dedicated lanes or spaces to pick up passengers that have hailed them using a future version of the Gett app. ‘I believe it will happen,’ he said, ‘But we are talking beyond 2025, maybe 2030.’