4 benefits of aggregated ground travel

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Consider consolidating your ground travel into just one easy solution.

You might not think aggregating ground travel would work in principle; with so many moving elements to consider, how would it be possible to get them all working together under the same roof?

But working with a single travel provider is possible and could be the perfect solution to your ground travel needs. 

Before you change travel providers or sign up for your very first demo, you must understand what’s on the market already.

Some travel providers offer a seemingly ‘all-in-one’ solution, but they outsource different ground transportation types to a variety of providers. Although a service like this helps you streamline ground travel costs, i.e. one monthly invoice, it’s essential to note that a service like this could cause you a loss in traveller visibility and deliver an inconsistent travel experience for your employees.

Each organisation has different priorities, so make sure you take the time to understand what’s important to you before diving headfirst into a new provider — after all, it’s a big decision. 

Here are four benefits of aggregating your ground travel programme:

1. Consolidated reporting

Reporting on ground travel usage can be a headache. With so many elements to consider, and a range of employees using ground travel service providers, it can quickly become overwhelming, just trying to make sense of the data at your fingertips. 

  • With an all-in-one solution that aggregates all ground travel reporting, you save time and money fiddling with multiple reporting configurations. Using one solution means you can log in and view analytics whenever you want. Some providers only allow their customers to view analytics alongside their monthly invoice, but you need a solution that gives you an insight into 360-degree travel reports whenever you need access.
  • Consolidated reporting can also mean your management team are all accessing the same data through the same dashboard. With access to this critical information, you can make confident and data-informed decisions about your travel programme.
  • Reporting also gives your team the ability to track employee travel patterns, giving you the understanding required to make cost savings proactively.

2. A better travelling experience

  • Picture this; you touch down at Heathrow Airport, London, you panic. You’ve never visited London before; you don’t know which way’s North. All you have is an address for your business meeting, and it’s starting promptly. But there’s no need for panic. Open your app, select a ride from a range of licensed and vetted drivers, and you’re all set.
  • When you’re travelling for business, the last thing you need is to worry about getting around town. With an all-in-one solution, you can sit back, catch up on sleep, or open your laptop and prep for that meeting. You can relax, knowing that your ride will find the quickest route. With a solution like this, you’re enabling the employee to focus on business only. 

3. Peace of mind (for you and the traveller)

  • Peace of mind while travelling sounds idyllic, but again, it’s possible — with a ground travel solution, you needn’t add ‘stress about ground travel’ to your to-do list. The rides are consistent and familiar; you can even integrate your preferred ground travel suppliers, so you never have to pick up the phone and book again.
  • Instead, everyone is on the same page when there’s only one dashboard for everything. Check what rides are scheduled, or have taken place, track employees as they travel. Many ground travel solutions offer 24/7 live chat with real humans — wherever they travel to, you know they have support should they need it, and you’re tucked up in bed.

Here at Gett, we provide simplicity, control and visibility over your ground-transport . Read more about our benefits here or get in touch with our friendly team.

4. One app for all ground travel needs

  • One of the biggest bugbears for business travellers is manual expense reporting. It’s the bane of many lives. They take forever to fill in, and they leave your corporation at risk of fraudulent activity, i.e. over-inflated taxi receipts. An all-in-one solution can provide techie counterparts to many processes draining the life out of your workers, including automatic expensing.
  • Not only is automatic expensing something you should consider for lessening the strain on your admin team and for the sanity of your travellers, but one ground travel solution means just one app.
  • Using just one app for all ground travel needs sounds like a dream, but it’s a genuine reality. Open the free app, select your location and vehicle type and watch as your driver makes a b-line for you—no more hassle, no more opening up multiple apps to locate the best ride. Open, select your ride, and you’re on your way.

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