6 ways Gett Business Solutions makes corporate travel smoother

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20,000 corporates worldwide, including Google and Volkswagen already use the frictionless, end-to-end service from Gett Business Solutions. Here’s why…

1. Transparent and predictable pricing smooths cost variations
Gett Business Solutions doesn’t just offer savings when compared to hailing taxis from the street and using other black cab booking firms. Specialist corporate accounts also provide pricing that is transparent and predictable. For journeys over 3 miles, the entire cost of the trip is visible upfront, meaning that unpredictable events such as traffic jams don’t result in unwelcome variations in your monthly cost reports. And, since we offer our drivers an hourly guarantee, they still get paid fairly.

2. Gett Business Solutions adapts to companies’ own travel policies
The platform provides an end-to-end solution that helps businesses to implement their own travel policies, whether these are defined by the travel budget allotted to individual employees, time spent travelling, the purpose of travel, or other factors. It also allows you to better align with your corporate policies across security and staff responsibility, for example, by ensuring all journeys are pre-booked and tracked within the platform.

3. Data analytics are part of the package
Comprehensive reporting comes as standard. Gett Business Solutions provides insight into how your employees travel; the data allows companies to improve efficiency, accountability and welfare by understanding which of their departments travel the most, when travel tends to occur and where employees are. We believe there’s always space for improvement, so we use this insight to offer you data-driven recommendations, as well as quarterly business reviews to see what could work better for you and your team.

4. An end-to-end solution means the end of inefficient expense-reporting
Automatic expense reporting eliminates inaccuracies and enables significant time savings, so employees can spend less time on admin and more time focusing on their jobs. Gett Business Solutions also provides flexibility when it comes to billing; rides can be paid for via monthly invoices to the business, or charged initially to employees’ payment cards, before they’re reimbursed.

5. Save time, save money
Gett drivers have access to bus lanes, which can cut journey times by as much as 30%. On top of this, business customers are guaranteed to be picked up within five minutes. The ability to track vehicles with GPS provides even more precise information and cuts down time spent calling to confirm or chase rides.

6. We’re always online
Gett offers 24/7 support to our business clients, via phone as well as in-app real-time messaging (with real people, not bots) to provide lightning quick responses and problem-solving. And because everything is housed within an online platform and app, everything’s just a click or tap away – simple as that.

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