Why we’re committed to being the highest quality taxi app

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A Gett taxi parked up at Covent Garden in London

In September, we set a new record at Gett. The global average rating for the service provided by our drivers reached 4.87 out of five. Not bad at all.

But we don’t want to end up in some kind of data-driven dystopia – the kind of thing that you might see in an episode of Black Mirror.

If you ever saw the social experiment/prank that saw a fake restaurant inside a garden shed being ranked on TripAdvisor as the best restaurant in London, you’ll understand how focusing on the numbers at the expense of real-life experiences can sometimes be problematic. So, what we strive for is a balance between the efficacy of modern technology and a people-driven philosophy that’s fair to everyone involved.

By paying drivers properly, providing comprehensive training and treating them with the respect they deserve as skilled professionals, we are able to attract and retain the very best across the UK, Russia, Israel and the USA.

A businessman sits in the back of a taxi on his mobile phone

Reaping the benefits

As our new record average rating suggests, that translates into better experiences for our customers who not only get an excellent service, but also enjoy peace of mind.

However, our commitment to quality goes beyond this, from the transparent, upfront pricing, to the respect we have for regulations and laws in all of the cities in which we operate.

In recent times, some technology companies have been criticised for the way they use data, or put the need to innovate above other important concerns. But Gett does not subscribe to the ‘move fast and break things’ ideology. We’re intent on proving that it is possible to innovate, to provide good service and to be responsible all at the same time – and our latest ratings suggest that we’re on the right track.