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נמל התעופה הבינלאומי בן-גוריון | BEG-GURION INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT

Ben Gurion Airport authorized taxis

Gett is the official operator of authorized taxis from the airport to all parts of the country

How to order a taxi in 3 easy steps


Create an order

Through the Gett app or the self-service stations


Receive a ride code

The code will appear on the screen which must be saved for identification purposes and receiving service during and after the ride


Head to the taxi line

When it’s your turn, show the ride code to your driver, and begin the ride

Important to know!

  • The authorized taxi line in Terminal 3 is on the ground floor, exit 03 and in Terminal 1 at the main entrance.
  • Getting a taxi is based on your arrival at the taxi line, so we recommend arriving prepared with the ride code in advance.

You get more when you order with the Gett app

Scan to download

Track rides in real-time

Secure payment

View ride history

Coupons and benefits

Contact customer service

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Do you like to plan in advance?

You can book a future ride through the Gett app at least two hours before the pick-up time and arrive at the pick-up point on the 2nd floor, Gate 23.

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